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AOE/COE Investigations G.A.B. Investigations assists in gathering information to validate claims and determine responding parties.
Asset Searches

This search will provide financial facts about individuals or companies. This information includes, but is not limited to, real estate holdings, vehicle ownership, bank accounts, personal property and other tangible assets.

Business Investigations

Includes any information regarding business practices, on-going enterprises, Dunn and Bradstreet credit findings, judgments and lien information.

Civil Investigations

This determines whether an individual/company has been involved or is currently involved in any litigation.

Computer Database Research

Utilizing our in-house computer database services and sources, we are able to produce up-to-the-minute information.

Domestic Investigations

Pre-martial, marital deceit, child custody and divorce intelligence information.

Due Diligence

Assists companies to meet their fiduciary responsibility when entering into any business relationship.

Environmental Investigations

Overall Litigation support for companies dealing with environmental issues in the workplace.

Fraud Investigations

This can produce information regarding any misappropriations of corporate assets, theft, fraudulent injuries and insurance claims.

Jury Polls

We perform impartial, post trial inquiries.

Personal  Injury Fraud

Uncover facts regarding a current injury, determining prior similar personal injury actions.

Photographic Services

We provide visual evidence in a variety of mediums.

Pre-Employment Screening

This would include criminal and employment history, Social Security number verification, credit report, personal and professional references, residence verification and much more. Resources can be customized to your needs.

Process Serve

Expeditious located and competent services of legal papers.

Product Liability

We assist companies or individuals in discovering if an injury occurred from dangerous and defective products.

Record Research

Court records, complete document retrieval service provided in a timely and thorough manner.

Recorded Statements

Produced at the time of the interviews if requested.

Sexual Harassment

We prepare an "independent", unbiased, thorough testimony from all parties involved.


Assisting insurance companies in the recovery of third party reimbursements.


Mobile or Fixed, Videotape/Still Coverage, comprehensive Chronological Reports.

Transcription Service

We provide written documentation from taped statements.

Trial Preparation

Pre-Trail Investigation, On-Going Trial Assistance, Witness Location and Screening, Jury Polling and Process Service.

Witness Locates

Discovery, identify and locate any relevant witnesses to support litigation of any time.

Wrongful Termination

Unbiased, comprehensive interviews and records research, relevant to the termination issue.

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